A new Workshop was held on the protection of invention through patents, copyrights and trademarks

Activities continue to target postgraduate students

A new Workshop was held on the protection of invention through patents, copyrights and trademarks

A new workshop was held at Sala Redoc entitled "How to protect an invention through patents, copyrights and trademarks?", Organized jointly by the Postgraduate Office and the Office of the Vice President for Research and Development.

The fourth workshop was held on August 30, organized jointly by the Postgraduate Department of the University of Concepción and the Vice-Rectorate for Research and Development, activities that open the opportunity to discuss issues related to the aspects involved in the processes technology transfer.

On this occasion, the practical topics related to the protection of research and products developed by researchers and academics of the UdeC were discussed, as Karin Quiñones, Biochemistry and part of the team of professionals of the Intellectual Property Unit emphasized: "The talk of we are clearly the part of patents, but delivering more tips as to what requirements must be met to protect a product or process, or in case you have a mark, what requirements are needed to achieve your registration.

In addition, in this activity, the expert stressed that researchers should be aware of what is needed to start working with the Intellectual Property Unit: "If I have a technology that I believe is patentable, I must check the requirements, know the costs and deadlines ".

Lina Marcela Trujillo Chacón, from Colombia and a student of the Master's program in Pharmaceutical Sciences, was one of the 23 students of different postgraduate programs that attended the activity: "the course seemed very interesting and explained several things that one as a non-scientist knows very well, is almost always focused on the laboratory part and all that entails, but in my case all this is new and serves me a lot ".

This activity is part of a cycle of workshops, in which all postgraduate students interested in participating are invited to register by writing to postgrado@udec.cl, as the quotas are limited. The next workshop is titled "Introduction to Technology Transfer" and will be given by OTL UdeC on September 27th.